My Rodeo – TerraFit 12 Week Challenge Team

My team is made up of those of use who have “special needs” or “special circumstances,” such as dietary restrictions, chronic disease, or anything else that keeps us out of the mainstream norms.
Those of us that have to deal with the frustration of living with restrictions, diseases, conditions, etc… need a place to go where we ARE the norm. A place where steroids & other meds tend to ambush us in our attempts to be the best we can be.
My team is called My Rodeo. If you know what it’s like to live in the rodeo arena, and you want to participate in a fitness challenge – well – this is the right place for you! ?

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Then consider joining my team for the Oct. 2 TerraFit 12 Week Challenge!

Change things up this year. Get fit & lose weight BEFORE the end of the year. It will mean one less New Years Resolution on getting in shape!
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I am a “special needs” eater.  I have an autoimmune disease that requires dietary restrictions.   I am personally going through the meal plans and adding substitution information for those of us who need dietary accommodations.

I believe that eating food as medicine enables me to keep my prescription meds to a minimum, but this takes a lot of research, persistence, willingness and patience.  There is no magic bullet for chronic illnesses, but I think that, with thoughtful food choices, we can put our bodies in the best place possible.

Frankincense Sourcing

Why Co-Impacting is so Important in Harvesting Frankincense

Frankincense is very important to my health maintenance regimen.   My autoimmune disease is all about inflammation – too much of it!  One of Frankincense’s therapeutic properties is an anti-inflammatory property.  I use Frankincense  nearly everyday, alone or in a blend.

Frankincense also works well for another of my conditions: ADHD.  I use a blend of Frankincense and Vetiver to help manage my ADHD symptoms.

I believe every condition begins with the digestive system.  Frankincense contains properties that aids in digestion.  There’s a reason this is one of the most treasured of essential oils!

A majority of frankincense is harvested in Somalia.  Prior to Co-Impact sourcing In Cal Madow,  Boswellia trees were not sustainably managed, payment for the resin was low and buyers were hard to find.  Today things have changed.  Check out:  Conserve Cal Madow-Kaydso ah Cal Madow: Frankincense Systems Analysis

Ensuring a reliable source of quality frankincense takes planning and coordination.  The doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative in Somalia provides frankincense harvesters with greater opportunities for income, while providing doTERRA with access to skilled harvesters who help accomplish the intricate steps of frankincense resin harvesting.

Essential oil quality and the care taken to improve the quality of the growers and harvesters in Somalia.  This is just one of the reasons that I chose doTERRA as my essential oil provider.

All of this information instills confidence in the purity, quality and care that goes into bringing me the best essential oil to use in my regimen.