The Journey Begins – Age

Thursday, February 5, 2009

If you are one of us, you know – one of “those women of a certain age” – you may want to join me in the journey I’m on. I will be talking about all the things I’m doing to deal with turning 50. It could become pretty intense the closer I get. I’m going to be 50 but I am determined to feel ageless and hopefully look the way I want to look.

It’s going to happen in August. I have requested a huge birthday party. One that I don’t have to do any work for! I want to have it in Union Station in Nashville. Okay – I know that’s a bit extravagant – but hey – I have to balance out the fact that I’ve already gotten two invitations to join AARP – YIKES!

I’m usually pretty private and introverted – but at this time in my life I realize that it’s no fun getting older and I’m not going to do it alone! Who was it that said “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better?” It was a commercial – I know it was – only someone in marketing could come up with such a ridiculous statement . If anyone knows what commercial that was, send me an email.

So, I’ve been working on myself during the last few years. My body has become a hostile entity and isn’t behaving the way it’s supposed to. I’ve been told that happens to everyone – but I’m taking this very personally! It may happen as early as your thirtys or it can happen, as it did to me, in your fortys. It doesn’t really matter when it happens – the fact that it DOES happen is simply too aggravating for words. It begins with weight. Yes that horrible ‘W’ word – the one that we despise. Naturally, it’s never a problem with weight loss – it’s always weight gain – ugh!

Weight gain…is there a way to handle that one? In my next installment I’ll share some of my trials and errors in that area. If you have any topics you want to hear about or products you would like to know about, drop me an email. I’ll be happy to expand on a topic or try a product. I’ve become pretty adventerous lately.

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